Volunteer Opportunities

To keep our school running the way it does, we request that parents volunteer in order to help us function.

This is a service unto the Lord, and an investment in the legacy of our precious children and of course fulfillment of your commitment.

There are so many areas to serve.

Areas to Serve

Recess time is a big area of need and necessary from every family. There are 3 recesses a day. Sign up for one or all, each week. If every family will sign up for one  per month, then we all will only need to supervise recess one day per month.

  • Kitchen help for events
  • Housekeeping
  • Spring Auction        
  • Graduation Ceremony         
  • Driver to Field Trips        
  • Maintenance        
  • Teacher Helper  
  • Equipment Repairs         
  • One-time projects that can be done at home
  • Repeating or on-going projects both at school and at home
  • On campus help - both periodic and regular
  • Regularly scheduled helpers.
  • Thanksgiving Feast 
  • Christmas Program